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 My family and I have lived in Snoqualmie for over 14 years. I have enjoyed raising my kids in a safe city that still has a small-town feel, good schools and a great place to run a successful business.

I bring firsthand business experience from owning and operating Ana’s Family Style Mexican Restaurant successfully for 12 years. I know what it takes and what is needed to “Provide an economic base that supports approved long-range city revenue goals.” (Goal #1 City Council Objectives 2019-2020) I am excited to contribute my knowledge to strengthen our city’s economic development goals.

I enjoy volunteering for various local organizations and was a board member of The Tanner Jeans Memorial Foundation and Sno-Valley Wildcats Junior Football and Cheerleading Association.

I am confident in my preparation for this position and ask humbly for your support.


I'm all about


 Council decisions should be open and honest. Decisions should not be made in a back room and rubber stamped. 

Responsible Growth

We should grow with the environment and community in mind. Every project should pay for projects that enrich our citizens daily life. 


 Environmental Studies/Traffic Studies should be utilized in planning new projects to protect road safety like the community pool. Public safety and quality of life is my priority.


 Scrutiny needs to be placed on spending. Cost control measures need to be implemented before asking residents for additional property taxes. 


 We must be excellent stewards of our environmentally sensitive areas. Preserving our valley also preserves our quality of life. 

Economic Development

Were are in a  retail crisis and we need a focus on tourism, affordable housing and growing our local businesses to build revenue. The city needs to attract and retain businesses to enrich and diversify tax base and lead to a more sustainable revenue stream for the city.

Dig Deeper


"Saddened about the state of our economic development. For the past two (2) years, I have been involved in our city government,  I have attended Economic Development Committee meetings, City Council meetings, and have had numerous personal conversations with council members.  My motto has always been, "If you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem".  Seeing that I have learned so much, I decided to become part of the solution and to run for City Counsel.  I am committed to the economic development of our community and want to move us forward. 

 We have outdated goals for a quickly changing problem and I want to fix that." Anna Sotelo

Volunteer Roles

Board Member, Tanner Jeans Memorial Foundation

Mount Si High School Football Booster Program 

Board Member , Sno-Valley Wildcats Junior Football and Cheerleading Association 

YMCA’s “Dine Out For A Cause” Annual Fundraiser, Five year donator

Experience & Training

  • 2018 Snoqualmie Citizens Academy
  • 2018 City Of Snoqualmie Ethics Training 
  • 2018 City Snoqualmie Quasi-Judicial Training
  • Biennial Budget Planning Sessions, 2019 and 2020 Biennial Budgets
  • City of Snoqualmie Capital Improvement Plan
  • City of Snoqualmie Bond procedures and protocol



  Any person who puts the time and extreme effort as Anna has to help make the cities government more transparent and accountable definitely receives my endorsement especially when she keeps getting turned down for appointments to various committees and commissions by the present Administration.     Wayne Russell , Business Owner, Veteran and former candidate for Washington State House of Representives

Anna is a high energy, smart and caring person. I appreciate her dedication to this community, from her work with meals for the struggling members of our community, her volunteerism and sponsorship for various causes and her consistent attendance to council and committee meetings. Her knowledge of the goings-on in our city is remarkable! Shes an amazing friend, neighbor and community leader. City Council is a natural step for this dynamic woman! I wish her nothing but the best and support her wholeheartedly.      Kathryn Podschwit, Snoqualmie Business owner

Having known Anna for 30 plus years and following her, as she nurtured a family, a business, and all of the successful relationships necessary to make that happen- there is no one more capable of bringing insightful and necessary goals to fruition! ...This is what TAKING ACTION looks like. I’m so proud of Anna for her courage and perseverance to see a better way and set out to make positive changes a reality.   

  Robert Cleary, Educator


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